Catalog Cheats!

Hi folks! This post is for December’s catalog cheats.

For the stocking cap, go to the page with the Coins for Change pot and click it.

Now, on the next page, you can get four secret items. They are the acoustic guitar, drumsticks, snare drum and trumpet. You get them by clicking them in the tree.

On the same page, click the top of the tree higlighted here to find some long johns.

One the next page, click the WORK to find a Super hero mask.

On one of the following pages there is a purple penguin with a white puffle on her head. Click it to get ‘The Dizzy’ hairstyle.

Go to the next page, and click on the Dojo in the background to recieve the red viking helmet.

Don’t forget to open and close it a few times to get the blue viking helmet!

Finally, go to the first clearance page and click one of the tiny blue mushrooms the ladybird penguin is sitting on to find the black cape.

And thats all of December’s catalog cheats!

-Sponge Pie


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