New sections!

I’m adding new sections to this site. One is called Club Penguin website.

Basically, it’ll tell you about cool stuff on the site, for example comics or polls.

To start with, heres a pic of the latest feautued igloo, and I think its really cool! Escpecially the furniture that looks like Rockhopper!

Cool, huh?

The other new section is called Igloo Rates.

In here you’ll find a picture of an igloo I’ve found on Club Penguin with a rating. I’ll also tell you whos it is, when I found it and on what server.

Here is my first Igloo Rate!

This is Jammydodger2’s igloo. It was on Bubblegum at 20:48pm. I give it a 7/10! Post if you agree or not in the comments!

So, tell me what you think of the new sections!

This is spongepie, signing off!


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