Igloo rating madness!

Today, as a special treat, I have gone around and rated 5, yes 5 igloos just for you! So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

The first is 4321barry’s. It was found on Rainbow (as were the four others!) at around 20:00.

It was a themed puffle igloo. If I were a puffle, I’d probably rate higher, but I only give it a 6/10.

Next is 4mut’s.

I thought the use of space was very good. 8/10!

Now, Penguinf35’s.

For a two floor igloo, it was pretty empty. 3/10.

Then, I visited Snowball857’s igloo.

Plain, simple, and a cosy little igloo. 7/10.

Finally, Twirller17’s igloo.

This was a gym themed igloo. The decoraions match the theme, and even the penguins did! 9/10!

So, did you enjoy this special edition of igloo rates? I hope so!

-Sponge Pie


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