New catalog and a storm brewing…?

The new Halloween catalog is out! Here comes the secret items…

First, click the place shown by the yellow ring…

to be able to buy a HD TV!

Click any yellow spot shown here…

for a pipe organ!

Next, click the O in Jack-O-Lantern.

to bring up the cauldron!

Click the centre of the plasma ball

to be able to buy the creepy cottage cut out.

Click the computer’s mouse

to purchase an umbrella table.

Click the first drawer in the log drawers

to buy a log table.

Click the top of the sculpture…

To be able to buy a climbing wall.

For the chance to buy a quarter note, click the second speaker on the wall speaker.

For a drum set, click the top of the DJ table.

To buy a guitar stand, click the square on the disco ball indicated here.

To buy lanterns, click the disco in disco ball.

To but a music stand click either of the highlighted yellow sections on the eighth note.

Important events happening, including the one day anniversary party on the 24th!

Also, Gary predicts a storm. It should arrive just in time for halloween, on the 29th October.

Do you like my entry for the contest?

What do you think?

Anyway, goodbye!

-Sponge Pie


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