Hello everbody!!!! Today is the one and only day to get your hands on this:

This year it’s a rainbow hat! Cool, huh?

The outside of the coffee shop looks cool:

Like a big cake! Inside is awesome too

Look at the right side! All the other hats including the beta one locked away! If you click the cake’s candles, they go out, and you get a stamp!

Upstairs in the book room is just as cool.

Click on the right hand wall’s paintings to see some fan art. Also, the 09/10 yearbook is here!

Last but not least, did you know about this?

Today, your snowballs are gumballs!! COOL!

And now for the new pin:

It’s at the bottom left corner of the cove.

Bye everyone, and have fun at the party!!

Sponge Pie


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