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Puffle Launch!

March 15, 2011

Hi! Puffle Launch is out at the pet shop today! But first, some EPF stuff…

New Field-ops! It’s at the top right corner of the stadium today.

It’s a new game involving timed space presses to the tempo.

A message from Dot:

I assume she means Klutzy. He is the boss in the new Puffle Launch game… Speaking of Puffle Launch…

You have to choose a puffle to play the game. It’s pretty simple, and you’ll learn as you play.

If you collect enough Puffle-Os, you can build cannons for your igloo:

Cool, huh? And, you can play Puffle Launch right from your igloo using it!


Anyway, have fun with Puffle Launch! Try to collect all the stamps.




White Puffle Glitch!

March 12, 2011

Remember that glitch I told you about? Well, here’s a video link of the glitch.

Click here for the video!

If you don’t understand, here’s what happens. For example, a yellow puffle goes to sleep in the orange basket. While sleeping, it is white. When it gets out of the basket, it turns yellow again.

I have no idea what causes this! Let me know if this is happening to you!


More Igloo Rates!

March 12, 2011


Today’s igloos were found on Bunny Hill at 10:00am.

This igloo belongs to Cutie519.

I like it. Sort of a cafe theme going on there. 8/10!

The next igloo belongs to Ivy25.

I like this one, too! It’s simple, but appealing. Nicely done! 8.5/10!

Bye for now!


Jelly Bean Counters?!

March 12, 2011

Hey everyone! Bean Counters is updated with a new mode! Jelly Bean Counter! To play it, click the crease in the bag, circled below.

Then, jellybeans fall out. Click them, and you’ll be asked which of three difficulties you want to play. Here are the instructions:

Cool, huh? And I haven’t proved this yet, but I think you get more coins!

In other news, we recieve another message from G.

Everyone liking the new Puffle Shop? I know I am!

Can’t wait to play Puffle Launch!




March 11, 2011

Hello! Starting to update again…

Anyway, first. New field-ops!

To do this field-ops, go the the Everyday Phoning Facility, and stand near the steps. It’s a new puzzle, try to work it out for yourself.

Pins, now.

The first of which is the Purple puffle pin, in the bottom left of the Pizza Parlor:

The second is the Pink puffle pin, available from the bottom left corner of the Cove:

New secret items, now.

To find the HD TV, click the cherry.

To buy a candy stash, click the pink section of the neapolitan lamp.

If you want to buy a marshmallow, click the center of the donut, circled below.

On the next page, click the coin after Wishing Well: 500 to buy a penguin gnome.

Click the wishing well to buy the Portal Box.

Click the cloud to purchase a Clover Balloon.

Finally, click the word Clover to buy a Clover Garland.

You can enter the St. Patrick’s igloo contest from the 11th to the 14th. You’ll have a good chance if you use the items on the page above!

A couple of glitches to report now, unfortunately I have no images. One is that when trying to enter the contest, it comes up with the Holiday Party igloo contest. Huh?

Another is that when my puffles go to play with the toys bought from the puffle catalog, they all turn white while playing! When they finish playing, they go back to normal. Weird, huh?

That’s all for now, anyway. Bye!