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March 11, 2011

Hello! Starting to update again…

Anyway, first. New field-ops!

To do this field-ops, go the the Everyday Phoning Facility, and stand near the steps. It’s a new puzzle, try to work it out for yourself.

Pins, now.

The first of which is the Purple puffle pin, in the bottom left of the Pizza Parlor:

The second is the Pink puffle pin, available from the bottom left corner of the Cove:

New secret items, now.

To find the HD TV, click the cherry.

To buy a candy stash, click the pink section of the neapolitan lamp.

If you want to buy a marshmallow, click the center of the donut, circled below.

On the next page, click the coin after Wishing Well: 500 to buy a penguin gnome.

Click the wishing well to buy the Portal Box.

Click the cloud to purchase a Clover Balloon.

Finally, click the word Clover to buy a Clover Garland.

You can enter the St. Patrick’s igloo contest from the 11th to the 14th. You’ll have a good chance if you use the items on the page above!

A couple of glitches to report now, unfortunately I have no images. One is that when trying to enter the contest, it comes up with the Holiday Party igloo contest. Huh?

Another is that when my puffles go to play with the toys bought from the puffle catalog, they all turn white while playing! When they finish playing, they go back to normal. Weird, huh?

That’s all for now, anyway. Bye!



New catalog and a storm brewing…?

October 15, 2010

The new Halloween catalog is out! Here comes the secret items…

First, click the place shown by the yellow ring…

to be able to buy a HD TV!

Click any yellow spot shown here…

for a pipe organ!

Next, click the O in Jack-O-Lantern.

to bring up the cauldron!

Click the centre of the plasma ball

to be able to buy the creepy cottage cut out.

Click the computer’s mouse

to purchase an umbrella table.

Click the first drawer in the log drawers

to buy a log table.

Click the top of the sculpture…

To be able to buy a climbing wall.

For the chance to buy a quarter note, click the second speaker on the wall speaker.

For a drum set, click the top of the DJ table.

To buy a guitar stand, click the square on the disco ball indicated here.

To buy lanterns, click the disco in disco ball.

To but a music stand click either of the highlighted yellow sections on the eighth note.

Important events happening, including the one day anniversary party on the 24th!

Also, Gary predicts a storm. It should arrive just in time for halloween, on the 29th October.

Do you like my entry for the contest?

What do you think?

Anyway, goodbye!

-Sponge Pie


March 12, 2010

orry for not posting in AGES!

Anyway, to start the post, heres a list of igloo catalog cheats!

To get the clover balloon, click the tree stump!

To get the clover garland, click the bottom most stone on the wishing well!

To get the snowboard rack, click on the ski rack where indicated!

To get the HD TV, click the bottom stone on the stone lamp!

To get the portal box, click the stone sofa!

To get the blue lamp, click the mailbox!!

Igloo upgrade catalog cheats

Click where indicated to get the secret stone igloo!

Click where indicated to get the secret deluxe stone igloo!


This is the newest pin, the buckle boot pin! Its on the second floor of the Nightclub in the top-left hand corner.

Events happening soon…

And last but certainately not least, its a new game!!! As you can see by the newspaper, it is released on Monday. The picture above shows a photo with someone holding it… who do you think it is? And where is it? All will be revealed in just three short days!

This is what the Club Penguin blog says:

Hello Penguins!

Lots of you have been asking about the new game, and when you’ll have the chance to find the missing puffles at the Underground Caves.

Don’t worry… the wait is nearly over! Starting this Monday you’ll be able to rescue them in the brand new game, Puffle Rescue!

We’ve seen lots of you getting ready for action in the Mine.

We always love to hear your comments. What do you guys think?

Until then… Waddle on!

Ok, thats all for now, so this is spongepie, signing off!

Catalog Cheats!

December 6, 2009

Hi folks! This post is for December’s catalog cheats.

For the stocking cap, go to the page with the Coins for Change pot and click it.

Now, on the next page, you can get four secret items. They are the acoustic guitar, drumsticks, snare drum and trumpet. You get them by clicking them in the tree.

On the same page, click the top of the tree higlighted here to find some long johns.

One the next page, click the WORK to find a Super hero mask.

On one of the following pages there is a purple penguin with a white puffle on her head. Click it to get ‘The Dizzy’ hairstyle.

Go to the next page, and click on the Dojo in the background to recieve the red viking helmet.

Don’t forget to open and close it a few times to get the blue viking helmet!

Finally, go to the first clearance page and click one of the tiny blue mushrooms the ladybird penguin is sitting on to find the black cape.

And thats all of December’s catalog cheats!

-Sponge Pie